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This year, it seemed like some celebrities spent their entire pregnancies devising weird name choices for their babies. Here are the strange celebrity baby names of 2013 that had everyone talking:

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian chose North for their daughter as a representation of their “highest point” as a couple; too bad it’s a low point in this year’s celeb baby names!

Rainbow Aurora
Former playboy bunny Holly Madison raised a few eyebrows when she chose this overly colorful name for her baby girl, born in March.

Lincoln Bell
Kristen Bell & Dax Shepherd named their baby girl after Dax’s favorite car, a 1967 Lincoln.

Kate Winslet married a guy called Ned Rocknroll. Naming her son something as random as Bear probably seemed pretty tame in comparison.

Shooter Sandhed Julian
Even without the confusing middle name (Pronounced “Sun-hill”; a Danish word meaning “truth”), director Julian Schnabel’s  son’s name is quite a tongue twister.

Rekker Radley
Twilight actor Cam Gigandet chose this destructive sounding name for his son, born in January.

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