baby using a laptopShow your love of all things techie by giving your family’s latest upgrade a Web-based name that just screams “We love computers!” These 2.0 baby names may be slightly unconventional, but the geek in you is gonna think they’re better than Unix and Flash rolled into one!

Cache, Link & Cookie
Having triplets? Fly your geek flag proudly with names that leave no doubt about your online loyalties! Also in the running for the perfect techie trio? Maxi, Mini and Midi.

Mac & Apple
So what if Gwyneth already snagged one of these unusual beauties for her own kid? Your naming choice is based entirely on performance and usability! You’ll be the mama tweeting her labor on the iPad. Not a Mac lover? Consider calling your little upgrade Penelope Clare or Preston Charles (that’s PC for short!).

Perl & Ada
Who knew computer languages could double as deliciously retro baby names, too? One warning: We’d avoid calling your kid HTML at all costs.

Not to burst your bubble, but while Dot is a totally awesome name for your Web-savvy sweetie, giving her a middle name of Com might be carrying it a bit too far.

This descriptive little moniker brings a whole new meaning to giving your kid a meaningful name. Let’s just tag this über-cool name strong, clever and perfectly geeky.

Upgrade your naming conventions to something that represents both your dedication to a quality Web 2.0 experience and your addiction to a certain brown beverage. With any luck, you may never be prompted to install Java again!

Though we know kids can be prone to acting like little devils, we suggest pronouncing this computer-program-turned-hot-name like another hot Damon– Matt.

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