boy superhero with swordIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a … really cute baby! In honor of crime fighting, superpowers and a helluva lot of spandex, we’ve rounded up our favorite baby names inspired by superheroes. Grab your cape and read on!

Clark, Kent, Lois & Lane
Look no further than the sky–errr, Superman –for classically cool baby names! Clark, Kent, Lois and Lane all have that retro vibe that’s super popular today.

Stay with us for a moment–can you believe Kal-El is now in the top 1,000 baby names? No doubt parents were inspired by Nicolas Cage when he named his son after Superboy!

Wonder Woman made us all want to wriggle into some star-spangled hot pants and beat up bad guys. (Am I right?) And her real name, Princess Diana, is pretty awesome, too! Your daughter’s bound to be the only kid on the block with her own theme song!

Bruce & Wayne
Name your twins after Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman) and it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’ll 1) defeat countless bad guys, 2) leap, soar and plunge from the tops of tall buildings, and 3) move to a major city when they turn 18. (Which just might be the scariest of all.)

She’s bound to be a charged little lady with a striking name like Storm! Plus, Storm from X-Men has the best superhero hairstyle, bar none.

Captain (America)
Name your son Captain and he’ll be destined for superhero stardom. Or captain of a boat. Either would be cool.

Selina & Kyle
Pay homage to Catwoman’s total kick-assery by naming your sibset after the superhero’s real name, Selina Kyle. (Bonus points if they can do back flips!)

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