natalie-portman-as-queen-amidala-280x280Looking for a super-stellar baby name? Every episode of Star Wars is jam-packed with ‘em! (But may we suggest you avoid C3PO, Ewok and Darth Vader?) Channel “the Force” with these suggestions.

George & Lucas
The perfect pair for expecting Star Wars fanatics! And let’s not forget–Luke (as in, you know, Skywalker) is the perfect nickname for baby Lucas!

While it may be best known for being a legion of warrior monks, Jedi is a short form of biblical faves Jediah and Jedediah. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Sith.

Her name may mean “delicate” or “weary,” but Princess Leia is anything but. Just don’t let her get her hands on a lightsaber if you give your little girl-power-player this fierce name.

Thinking about giving little Leia a baby sister? Christen her Cinnamon, in honor of Princess Leia’s hairstyle, which is lovingly referred to as “cinnamon buns” by Star Wars fans.

After the theatrical release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 1999, an entire order of boys was dubbed with the future Darth Vader’s moniker!

Fun fact: Harrison Ford was cast as Han Solo–the role that made him a superstar–after he built cabinets for George Lucas. So, name your little guy Harrison and it’s pretty much guaranteed he’ll one day play an intergalactic warrior. Or be an awesome carpenter.

Skye & Walker
Before they were commonly known as vodka and a famous Chuck Norris character, Skye and Walker joined forces as the surname of hero Luke Skywalker!

This abbreviated form of Orlando has the same smooth appeal as Billy Dee Williams himself!

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