baby in a diaper playing with a laptopYour baby daddy doesn’t have to be Mark Zuckerberg for you to “like” these social media-inspired baby names!

The perfect name for a kid whose mama can’t pry herself away from Facebook! Or a kid who’s bound to be an avid Face-Booker himself!

You can’t bookmark this kind of Paige, but you’ll probably be checking in on her every five minutes until she’s 30 years old anyway.

We wouldn’t be surprised if lil’ Link was born in a navy blue suit with briefcase in hand! That’s the kind of corporate-bound kid you’ll get when you name him after LinkedIn.

Get it?! But do limit your brood to only one Cher. You don’t want to be accused of over-Cher-ing!

Redd & Dig
Much like Reddit and Digg, this digital duo will be so ahead of the Internet curve, people will be coming to them to learn about the next big web-based craze. While they’re still in utero.

Sure, babies are cute, and we all know that cute equals funny. But a lovely Lola will have you seriously LOLing till the baby cows come home.

Beware! If Craigslist has proven anything, it’s that Craigs have the potential to be totally awesome … or totally creepy.

No need to brag about your kid on your Facebook wall. When it comes to cute expressions and adorable antics, this little Wally will speak for himself!

Name your baby after the Internet phone service Skype, and it’s pretty much guaranteed she will never … stop … talking … once she starts! It is free, after all.

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