baby eating a cookieLooking for something to nom on? Satisfy your sweet tooth with baby names inspired by your fave snack foods!

If your daughter is anything like snack food spokesgal Little Debbie, she’ll be absolutely adored by millions–and she’ll make one bangin’ brownie, too!

Kit & Kat
A pair of cute little babies and some delicious chocolate–can you think of a better combination? (Nope.)

Name your kid after Sir Isaac Newton and Fig Newtons, and it’s pretty much guaranteed he’ll be a true pioneer in the future scientific field, Sciences and Alchemy of Cookies.

This one’s a no-brainer for your own little bundle of joy! And you never have to tell anyone she’s really named after your favorite almond candy bar.

Ella, Hazel & Coco
Nutella is jam-packed with baby name inspiration! Though, this is not true for all sandwich spreads. (We’re looking at you Vegemite!)

Call your daughter Annie and it’s guaranteed her kindergarten classmates will know her name. After all, they’ve seen it daily on their Bunny crackers and mac & cheese!

Orville’s got that little old man chic we love! Not to mention, Orville Redenbacher’s truly integral role in our late-night-reality-TV-marathons.

Reese has a super-cool, androgynous vibe and shares a name with the best thing to ever happen to chocolate and peanut butter!

Got a brilliant baby name idea for this list? Add it to the comments below!