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We are required here to make a reference to “Party of Five”: Actor Scott Wolf and his wife Kelley are expecting their third child — and first daughter — in May.

“Having a daughter in May,” Wolf tweeted. “She will own me. No words could express how full our hearts are. Luckiest guy I know.”

Wolf and his wife, who appeared in “The Real World: New Orleans,” are already parents of sons Jackson and Miller. What might the couple be thinking of naming their new girl?


Julia: Well we had to start this list off with a Salinger.

Claudia: OK, TWO Salingers.

Rachael: After Wolf’s co-star on TNT’s “Perception”, Rachael Leigh Cook.

Elaine: They could name their first daughter after Kelley’s mom.

Neve: Sorry, we couldn’t resist one last “Party of Five” reference. Plus it’s a lovely name!