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Brothers and Sisters star Sarah Jane Morris welcomed a baby girl on February 1st. She and musician hubby Ned Brower chose an unconventional name for their daughter: Beau Katherine. Beau joins big brother Emmett Andrew, 4-years-old.

WHAT IT MEANS: Beautiful

WHERE IT ORIGINATED: A commonly used word in the French language (and therefore not used in French speaking countries as a given name), Beau has been used in the U.S. since the late 19th century.

POTENTIAL NICKNAMES: It’s short enough as it is!

KNOW THIS: Beau is traditionally used for boys. It gained traction when appeared in Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind as the name of Ashley and Melanie‘s son.

POP CULTURE CONNECTION: A famous female bearer of the name is actress and model Bo Derek, who was born Mary Cathleen Collins.

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