kate and will kissingWe admit it, we’ve still got Royal Wedding fever! Mix it with our baby fever and you get these royally awesome baby names!

Kate’s lil sis and maid of honor stole more than a wee bit of the wedding spotlight. Her body-hugging ivory dress alone inspired three Facebook pages dedicated to her bum! But what deserves more admiration (sorry, Pippa’s bum) is her adorable nickname, an abbreviation of Philippa.

As in Westminster Abbey, the church where the royal couple said their “I do’s.” We especially like it with the “e” that makes it royally different than commoner Abby.

Princess Beatrice (daughter of Prince Andrew and Fergie) caught our eye with her wonderfully wacky wedding chapeau (which has almost as many Facebook followers as Pippa’s bum!).

Boy or girl? Doesn’t matter what you’re having, Princess Di’s family name, Spencer, is a catchy unisex name.

Royal, rugged and abbreviated from the Queen’s digs, Buckingham Palace. Bonus: Nicknamey names are hella hip right now!

Cambridge as in the Duke and Duchess of. . .how cool is a name you can dress up (Cambridge) or dress down (Cam) or just have fun with (Bridger-what all the cool parents are naming their cool sons these days.)!

Wills is a Duke now, and the title is so cool it almost makes us forget his bald spot.

Because we have mad lid love for all of the hats worn at the Royal Wedding, we think they deserve to have some babies named after them!

Kate wore it well, so we bet your little one can carry it off too. Little known fact: Tiara actually skyrocketed to the top of the baby name list when Diana married Charles.

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