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Survivor alums Rob and Amber Mariano have welcomed their fourth daughter! Adelina Rose was born June 20th and joins sisters  Lucia Rose, 4½, Carina Rose, 3½, and Isabetta Rose, 2.


WHERE IT ORIGINATED: A Latin diminutive form of names starting with the ancient Germanic element “adal,” Adelina has been used throughout Europe since the 7th century.

POTENTIAL NICKNAMES: This name is very versatile! Ada, Alina, Lina, Della, Dina and Lee are just a few short options.

KNOW THIS: Rob carries on a Mariano family tradition: In addition to his daughters, many of his female cousins also share the middle name Rose.

POP CULTURE CONNECTION: Adelina Sotnikova is a Russian figure skater and 2014 Olympic champion.

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