snooki jersey shoreYou don’t have to call your kid “Snooki” or “The Situation” to satisfy your obsession with reality TV. Instead, we’ve rounded up a few 15-minutes-of-fame baby names for your (guilty) viewing pleasure!

Kim, Kourtney & Khloe
Having triplets? Name them after the most beautiful, bodacious sibs on TV! Then, just sit back and wait till they stop thinking boys are gross.

If Joe Millionaire has taught us anything, it’s that Joes are either key players in extremely elaborate television hoaxes or, you know … just regular dudes.

Heidi & Spencer
If your sibset takes after their namesakes, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, it’s pretty much guaranteed they’ll be kind of attractive (in a weird way), slightly successful and absolutely insane. Aim for the stars, kids.

Bentley has been scorching this year’s baby names charts ever since Teen Mom Maci Bookout chose it for her adorbs son! And let’s not forget the bachelorette-dogging dude who broke poor Ashley’s heart. Either way, it’s a name bound for fame.

Set your little girl up for corporate success–and a very public mental breakdown–by naming her after The Apprentice‘s most famous villainess.

Sure, Kate of Kate Plus 8 is a little … well, wacky. But that doesn’t mean your Kate will suffer the same fate! Your little girl is bound to be way more calm … and have a way better hairdo.

Name your kid after reality TV power-player, chef and general marketing empress Bethenny Frankel and she’s bound to develop an impressive empire of her own. Just go easy on the Skinnygirl business and let her eat french fries every once in awhile.

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