baby wearing uncle sam top hatLooking to choose a name to set your baby on a path for success? Can’t hurt to add a little presidential mojo to the mix! Here are some of the trendiest presidential baby names for the little candidate on your upcoming ballot!

The Name: Madison
The President: James Madison – The 4th President
The Fun Fact: At 5’4″, he was the shortest president!

The Name: James
The President: James Madison (#4), James Monroe (#5), James K. Polk (#11), James Buchanan (#15), James Garfield (#20), and James “Jimmy” Carter (#39)
The Fun Fact: It’s the most popular presidential first name ever!

The Name: Barack
The President: Barack Obama – The 44th President
The Fun Fact: He doesn’t like ice cream!

The Name: Kennedy
The President: John F. Kennedy – The 35th President
The Fun Fact: He’s one of six presidents portrayed on U.S. coins.

The Name: Reagan
The President: Ronald Reagan – The 40th President
The Fun Fact: He was a Hollywood actor before he became Prez. (Check out his film, “Bedtime for Bonzo” where he acted with a chimp!

The Name: Taylor
The President: Zachary Taylor – The 12th President
The Fun Fact: He’s one of eight presidents who never attended college!

The Name: Carter
The President: Jimmy Carter – The 39th President
The Fun Fact: He was the first president born in a hospital!

The Name: Lincoln
The President: Abraham Lincoln – The 16th President
The Fun Fact: He was the tallest president, at 6’4″.

The Name: Jackson
The President: Andrew Jackson – The 7th President
The Fun Fact: He had NO formal education whatsoever! (You might actually want to keep that tidbit from the kids!)

The Name: McKinley
The President: William McKinley – The 25th President
The Fun Fact: He holds the record for the most presidential handshakes: 2,500 in an hour!

The Name: Clinton
The President: Bill Clinton – The 42nd President
The Fun Fact: His childhood nickname was “Bubba!”

The Name: Harrison
The President: William Henry Harrison – The 9th President
The Fun Fact: He’s the only president to study to become a doctor. Talk about ambitious!

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