When searching for the perfect name, most people are looking for flow and balance. And what is more beautifully symmetrical than the palindrome? Check out our top baby name picks that are just as hot backward as they are forward.

Currently reigning as most popular “backwards” name, Ava continues to charge up the charts. It’s been in the Top 5 since 2006.

Vowels and vintage are two traits that make a name a current hit, and Otto boasts ‘em both! It also gets props from Shakespeare: Othello is a direct form.

One of the more substantial “reversible” names, Hannah is a perennial biblical fave. Plus, it’s back in the spotlight, thanks to Lena Dunham’s character on the hit TV series Girls.

Lil, Nan & Viv
This trio of Roaring ‘20s beauties is on point with today’s fashion. Flapper fabulous!

J-Lo’s daughter Emme Maribel rocks this stylish alternative to the popular Emma.

If you’re not into the brevity that comes with most palindromes, Reinier might be just the ticket for your distinguished little gentleman.

With tons o’ hipster cred (Bob Dylan!), this short form of Robert is suited for stardom. Charlie Sheen was convinced of its “winning” quality: he named his son Bob in 2009.

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