boy dressed as astronautAll new mamas want to give their babies the moon and the stars. And we’ve got an easy way to do just that! Start with this cluster of supremely stellar baby names, inspired by space–the final frontier!

Pay homage to our home sweet home and name your daughter Terra, which means “earth”!

Luke, Han & Leia
Every episode of Star Wars is jam-packed with great baby names like these, but may we suggest you avoid C3PO, Ewok and Darth Vader?

Soleil, Sunny or Sol
Ancient civilizations worshipped the sun for a reason: it’s totally awesome, much like your little ray of sunshine!

Why not set your kid up for some serious science-y success and name her Andromeda? Not only is it an awe-inspiring galaxy that’s even bigger than the Milky Way, but it’s also an awesomely nerdy sci-fi flick from the ’70s.

Neil & Buzz
Name your twins after some real American heroes! (No, not G.I. Joe…the astronauts who pioneered space exploration!)

Kirk, Spock or Leonard
Trekkies rejoice! These names–stolen straight from the Starship Enterprise–are cosmically cool!

George, Jane, Judy & Elroy
Look no further than the Jetsons gang for baby names with some seriously spacey appeal! (Plus, retro names are super-hip today!)

Got a brilliant baby name idea for this list? Add it to the comments below!