baby with pacifier orange backgroundOK, so maybe we’re a little biased, but we’ve definitely got a soft spot for names of the characters from our favorite kids’ shows. But don’t take our word for it! Check out a few of our all-time favorite “Nick” names!

This one’s a total no-brainer, but what can we say? It’s got an extra-special place in our hearts.

Since it’s pretty much guaranteed your little girl will be completely obsessed with Dora, you might as well get ahead in the game and name her after her future-fave Nickelodeon star. Just imagine how happy she’ll be when she’s 3.

If your son is anything like his totally adventurous namesake Diego, we suggest you start stocking up on Band-Aids. Between scaling mountains, plummeting from treetops and conversing with jaguars, he’s definitely gonna get a few boo-boos.

Pay homage to 1990s Nickelodeon programming and name your kid after Tommy, the “bold-despite-my-dirty-diaper” leader of the entire Rugratscrew. (P.S. Did you know Nickelodeon is now airing fave shows from the ’90s? Check it out!)

Bob, Patrick & Sandy
Having triplets? Name ‘em after the infamous SpongeBob Squarepants trio! Not only will they be awesome swimmers (duh), but we bet they’ll be fantastic BBQers and jellyfish hunters, too!

You’re not alone–Clarissa Explains It All made all of us want to invest in neon leggings, funky vests and anything floral print! Name your daughter after Clarissa and she’ll be the hippest girl (with the best advice) in the neighborhood!

With his cute name, his green V-neck sweaters and his khaki shorts, Doug totally rocked old-man chic! And could he be any more adorably in love with Patti Mayonnaise?! Sigh. Here’s hoping your lil’ Doug is just as sweet, sensitive and stylish!

Name your baby after Carly of iCarly fame and she’s bound to be the cutest little techie this side of the World Wide Web! Just remember to set those parental controls on your computer.

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