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Happy New Year! If you’re expecting a special arrival at this time of new beginnings, here are some apt choices:

Neo, Nova
These Latin-derived names not only mean “new” but also have pop-culture cred: Neo was the nouveau name of Keanu Reeves’s character in The Matrix and Nova is the title of the renowned PBS series dedicated to scientific discovery.

Lang, Lange
Auld Lang Syne is always the tune of the day, and either spelling could make a sharp-sounding name for your baby boy.

This Scandinavian special, which means “new day,” is an ideal choice for a girl born around New Year’s.

Nye, Eve
Who needs silly hats and noisemakers when you can celebrate New Year’s by christening your girl Eve or your boy Nye  (an underused Welsh gem that doubles as an acronym for New Year’s Eve)?

Every guy should feel like a “new man” after the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31 — and the association with Paul Newman couldn’t hurt.

Midnight, Dawn
Midnight signals the dawn of a new year, so this just might be the perfect combination for twins born in early January.

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