baby boy in ride in carYou don’t have to be a NASCAR lover to get your engine revved up over these racing-inspired baby names. But with 75 million fans–and counting!– you’ll probably have to race someone to the finish line to claim one of them for your own!

Daytona, Bristol & Charlotte
Southern cities make sweet-sounding names–and these names also just happen to be some of NASCARS’s most famous speedways!

He’ll be the fastest little guy on three big wheels!

Celebrate the birth of this appropriately named baby girl with a victory lap!

Any NASCAR fan knows a driver is only as good as his pit! And maybe naming your little boy Crew will mean he’ll be awesome at changing tires … or at least cleaning up his toys.

Ford & Chevy
There’s definitely gonna be some sibling rivalry between these two! (Perhaps a baby sister named Mercedes would help keep the peace?)

Just set this chill little guy on Cruise control and you’ll be amazed at all of the errands you can check off your to-do list.

With a name like Pacey, you’re bound to have a natural-born leader on your hands. (Just beware of all the girls following his lead when he’s a teenager!)

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