beyonceA name can be considered attractive because of its associations with a special person: a beautiful singer, a movie star, or the main character in an exciting or touching book. In turn, you may envision a personality for your child. Dad may dream of playing basketball with a son that has the same name as his favorite player, for example. Dad, in this case, should consider that his newborn son may not grow up to be athletic at all. Perhaps he won’t even care for basketball. It is important that bestowing such a name is not expecting a child to be something that they might not be.

It’s a fact that many children are named after famous people. One should realize, however, that people that are famous at the moment could suddenly become unpopular. They could make headlines in such a negative way that it could make your child’s life difficult. An example of this is what happened in the 1930’, in Germany, with the name Adolph. After World War II, many boys who were given that name had to change it. Many simply went by Dolf or Dolph. In this way, naming your child after a celebrity who is still living involves a risk, since you don’t know what the future will bring for that person. A popular singer could hit rock bottom, or become the subject for ridicule. In such a case, your daughter might not be very happy with her namesake…OR her name!

Our advice: Think twice before you decide to name your child after a celebrity. If you really have a strong desire to do so, you can consider doing it. However, it’s clear that there are considerable risks. When making your decision, take into consideration that it isn’t you but your child that has to keep the name and that he or she is from a different generation than you are.