Last year, there were 925 baby girls named Miley. This year, you can’t hear the name “Miley” without thinking of twerking and tongues. (Cue a collective cringe.)

It’s impossible to predict how celebrity-associated names may come and go or change over time, but there are some basic rules to follow when considering a famous name for your baby:

Here are some important tips regarding names shared with celebs:

1. Don’t choose something iconic. As much as you want to name your baby Elvis, you don’t want to doom your child to a life of jokes about hound dogs and blue suede shoes. Same goes for icons like Beyoncé and Madonna – especially since they’re still alive and have the potential to do something scandalous.

2. . Consider a middle name. In love with the name Tiger but worried about the “Woods” association? Icons can make for fab middle name fodder.

3. Do ask for opinions. This is one case where the peanut gallery can help. You may adore Kanye West as much as Kim Kardashian, but a kid named Kanye will be associated with him forever. It’s important to find out if other folks hold the celeb in equally high regard.

4. Do make sure your partner’s on the same page. You both should be super fans, otherwise…back to the drawing board.

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