What’s better than getting to name a new baby? Getting to name two! Here are some doubly delightful names for your awesome twosome:

Deborah & Melissa
The arrival of twins creates a buzz, so consider these sweet names that mean “bee”.

Aidan & Nadia
Think the “same first initial” trend for twins has jumped the shark? Try this clever combo: Nadia is Aidan spelled in reverse.

Ezra & Ophelia
Both of these romantic names translate to “help” — maybe your boy-girl twins will eagerly assist with chores?

Nathaniel & Theodore
Your dynamic duo is a gift, and these two turn-of-the-century names mean exactly that!

Olivia & Sophia, Daniel & David, Madison & Mason
Multitudes of multiples can’t be wrong: These are the current most popular name pairs for twins in the U.S., according to the Social Security Administration.

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