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Team Jordan just grew by two: 14-time NBA All-Star Michael Jordan and his wife, model Yvette Prieto Jordan, recently welcomed identical twin girls! Victoria and Ysabel were born February 9th and join half-siblings Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine, Jordan’s adult children with ex-wife Juanita Venoy.

WHAT THEY MEAN:  Victoria means “victory”; Ysabel means “my God is my oath”

WHERE THEY ORIGINATED: Victoria is a Late Roman feminine form of the masculine Victorius, derived from the earlier Roman name Victor. Ysabel is a Medieval Spanish form of Isabel, which is in turn a Spanish and Portuguese cognate of Elizabeth.

POTENTIAL NICKNAMES: There is a bevy of beautiful choices for these babies! Among them: Ysa, Belle, Tori and Vicky.

KNOW THIS: These are the names of royalty. Two Queen Isabels ruled Spain, including Isabel of Castile, sponsor of Christopher Columbus; Queen Victoria of Great Britain held the throne longer than any other British monarch.

POP CULTURE CONNECTION: Victoria was the Roman goddess of victory, the equivalent of the Greek’s Nike – fitting for the child of Nike’s Air Jordan co-designer, co-owner and co-producer!

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