Picking the perfect name for your child can be as dizzying as a maypole. But don’t worry — we’ve got a great list for any May-born babe!

Mae, May
Though it might seem obvious, there are few names with such vintage beauty as Mae.

Flower & Lily
The month of May brings abundant blooms — particularly those of its ‘birth flower,’ Lily of the Valley.

The month’s birthstone is rumored to open the heart to wisdom and strengthen the bonds of love.

Dimitri, Lavinia, Maia
May is the month we pay tribute to our mamas—why not try with a name that has “mother” in the meaning?

Honor & Noble
There are two holidays during the month to honor our noble servicemen and women: Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day.

It’s more than just wordplay — Mason would be the natural choice for a son born in May.

Can you think of names to add our list? Post ‘em in the comments below!