babies wearing name tags


Looking for trend-defying baby names? Turn your baby-name choices upside-down … or at least backwards! Check out our favorite last names that make awesome first names and the celebs who rock them!

Not only has Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester influenced fans’ wardrobes, but she’s influenced tons of parents-to-be, too! Her dreamy last-name/first-name–which means “meadow town”– has been burnin’ up the baby names charts!

Kourtney Kardashian’s tot Mason has it all: a killer, baby-size wardrobe, a crazy-famous family and…an awesome name! And thanks to the Kardashian kraze, we’re betting you’ll be hearing of more baby boys named Mason soon.

Move over Taylor Lautner, gorgeously girly Taylor Swift is proof that the ladies can rock this totally traditional last name just as well as the guys.

Even an association with a fictional serial killer can’t slow this popular “X” name down as a fab first-name choice!

Dub your little guy with this rough-and-tumble name and he’s bound to be the leader of the preschool pack–much like Lost hottie Josh Holloway.

Parker is a perfect last-turned-first name for a pretty-as-a-Parker Posey little girl. And it works for the dudes, too! Just ask Rosie O’Donnell, whose oldest son uses the surname as his first name.

We have Matthew Perry to thank for the popularity of this name! It was rarely used as a first name until a little show called Friends introduced the world to goofball Chandler Bing.

With his rugged-sounding name, giant biceps and sweet romantic side (hello, Dear John), Channing Tatum has a tough-yet-sensitive vibe … and an unusually awesome name!

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