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Married to Jonas just gained an adorable new cast member! Kevin Jonas & wife Danielle welcomed a baby girl on Sunday, February 2nd. Alena Rose is their first child.

WHAT IT MEANS:  Alena’s meaning is unknown, since this name has many possible origins. It could be descended from Alana or Alaina, which mean “rock,” or Magdalena, which means “of Magdala.” It also could mean “torch, light” due to its association with the name Helena.

WHERE IT ORIGINATED: A Slovene or Czech variant short form of almost any name ending in “lena” or “lene,” Alena has been in use since at least 600 A.D.

POTENTIAL NICKNAMES: Allie and Lena are both sweet picks!

KNOW THIS: Alena’s highest ranking on the U.S. Top 1000 chart was number 664 in 2003.

POP CULTURE CONNECTION: St. Alena of Belgium is the patron saint of toothaches.

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