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Singer Kelly Rowland, 33, is expecting a baby with her new husband, Tim Witherspoon. The notoriously private couple tied the knot in Costa Rica just a month ago!

With their wedding barely over and baby on the way, the duo must be super busy! No worries, though–we’re “jumpin’ jumpin’” at the chance to put some baby name ideas together for them:


Knowles: How about a tribute to band member and friend, Beyoncé?

Hopper: He’ll have hip hop in his genes!

Sol: ‘Cause you need a lot of soul to succeed in R&B.

Stiles: She’s been hailed as a style icon.

Frederick Jason: Remember when she starred in 2002 film Freddy vs. Jason?


Destiny: If you’ve been in Destiny’s Child, this one is par for the course!

Nelly: She’s collaborated with rapper Nelly many times.

Diva: Ms. Kelly is the Diva Deluxe, after all!

Ruma: Did you know she’s the face of Bacardi rum?

Abby: If her abs are great enough for a fitness DVD–Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland—why not flaunt it?

We want to hear YOUR name suggestions for Kelly Rowland! Share in the comments below!