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Grey’s Anatomy ‘s  Dr. Avery, Jesse Williams, and his wife Aryn Drake-Lee welcomed a baby girl in early December.  Sadie is the couple’s first child.

WHAT IT MEANS:  It doesn’t have a meaning, but it’s a short form of Sarah, which means “Princess.”

WHERE IT ORIGINATED: Sadie is a popular diminutive form of the Hebrew name Sarah, which came into common use among English speakers after the Protestant Reformation.

POTENTIAL NICKNAMES: It already is one!

KNOW THIS: It’s at the height of its popularity: Sadie is the currently #124 on the U.S. girls’ names chart,  equal to its ranking in 1914.

POP CULTURE CONNECTION: Sadie Hawkins Day, an American folk event in which girls ask boys to a dance, is celebrated yearly on November 13th.

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