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”Fantastic Four” star Ioan Gruffudd and wife Alice Evans (Esther on “Vampire Diaries”) welcomed a baby girl on Friday, September 13thElsie Marigold joins big sis Ella Betsi, 4-years-old.

WHAT IT MEANS:  My God is a vow; God is abundance

WHERE IT ORIGINATED: A short form of Elspeth (the Scottish form of Elizabeth) it’s been in use throughout the world for ages.

POTENTIAL NICKNAMES: Since Elsie is a nickname itself and Elle would just be too confusing for this fam, there’s no need for one!

KNOW THIS: Elsie has always been more popular in the U.K. and Wales, where it’s consistently in the top 100 girls’ names. It currently ranks at 387 in the U.S., but has been climbing nearly 100 spots each year since 2007.

POP CULTURE CONNECTION:  Association with popular Borden Inc. cartoon mascot  “Elsie the Cow” may have been the reason this name disappeared from the U.S. popularity charts in 1975 and remained gone for 30 years. Child actress Elsie Kate Fisher is an influential bearer.

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