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Want a name that carries on the spirit of your lineage but is individual in its own right? These tips will help you keep it all in the family:

1. Dig deep. Use this as a chance to explore your genealogy! Climb your entire family tree, and really explore those limbs to uncover hidden fruit!

2. Embrace a nickname.  You can keep an original family name while still making it “yours” by using nicknames. For instance, a name like Augustine Lawrence III can yield fresh, new choices like Austin or Ren.

3. Look beyond first names. If you’re seeing generational repeats of Elizabeth or feel a fourth Jonathan would be stale, think outside the box. Consider middle names, surnames and cities, towns or countries your family hails from.

4. Ask your family.  If there aren’t any names in the genealogy chart that float your boat, ask the fam what they like! You can honor near and dear family members by using a name that they suggest!

What are your favorite names from your family? Tell us in the comments below!