Expecting a Christmas baby and want a name that celebrates the season? Here are some tips on choosing the perfect holiday name:

1. Don’t go overboard. You can honor the season without choosing a loaded combination like Christmas Snow Jones or Holly Berry Smith. Keep it simple.

2. Consider middle names.  Selecting a middle name with a seasonal feel will bring yuletide cheer while taking into account that the rest of the year does exist.

3. Think creatively. Subtlety works in your favor when you’re tackling a theme like Christmas.  Consider names or characters from lesser-known Christmas literature and move beyond obvious choices like Noel or Rudolph.

4. Don’t feel pressured.  Welcoming a baby during the busiest time of the year is more than enough… you don’t have to choose a Christmas-y name, too!

What are your favorite names inspired by the holidays? Tell us in the comments below!