It probably feels like everyone has an opinion about each baby name you consider, so keeping your final selection under wraps can be tough! Here are some tips to keep this all-important secret safe:

1. Feign indifference. If anyone asks your baby’s name, just demur and tell them you’re just excited for a healthy baby (because you are)!

2. Swear your partner to secrecy. You are in this together and need to make sure you’re on the same page. You both have to dedicate yourselves to silence.

3. Use the web for impartial opinions. Instead of telling “just one person” (who will, in all likelihood, tell others), avoid security breaches by asking for impartial advice on name websites.

4. Remember: You’re the boss. There’s  nothing wrong with keeping your baby’s name secret. You’re in charge and in good company: Plenty of expectant parents wait until their baby’s birth day to make the announcement.

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