You’ve agonized over it for months or maybe even years, and now you’ve finally – finally! – settled on the perfect name for your forthcoming bundle of joy.

But then (DUM DUM DUM) it happens. Your favorite baby name in the world is stolen by a friend, relative or acquaintance. Or, even worse, it’s nabbed by a celebrity nabbed it and splashed across every magazine, website and blog in the world. “How can this happen?” you despair. “Now EVERYONE will be named *insert name here*!”

Here are tips for coping when you feel you’ve been the victim of “baby name thievery.”

1. Remember why you chose the name to begin with. This is important. Is it the name of your favorite aunt? Did grandpa pick it out in a family tradition? Does it make you feel like it’s the perfect beginning to your baby’s life story? If you’ve answered “yes” to these sorts of questions, then you shouldn’t feel pressure to reassess your name choice. The only reason to seriously reconsider is if you are solely choosing it because you know no other child with the name.
 2. Consider how often you and your child will meet with the name twin. Are Billy and Billy going to play together often, or are you BFFs with his mom? Are you frequently going to be at gatherings where the similarity will cause confusion? If so, you may want to revisit your lists only if you sense may be an issue with chronic mix-ups. If Brad and Angelina choose the same name, well… that just means that you have great taste!
 3. Ask yourself: Do you love it? This is the number one concern in choosing a name for your child. If you love the name, then it really doesn’t matter who else has it. Ultimately, no one should be left asking themselves “what if” because of someone else’s choice.
 4. Relax in your choice, and don’t second-guess. Go with your gut. It’s probably right.

Have any more suggestions in dealing with “name theft? Share them in the comments below!