A name has a profound impact on a child that reverberates into adulthood. That’s why choosing a name that works through all stages of your child’s life is so important. Here are some valuable pointers for choosing a name that grows right along with your child:

1. Consider a name with nickname potential.  Names like Annika or Benjamin provide many options throughout life stages: small child (Annie or Benji), young adult (Anna or Ben) and working professional.

2. “Cute” shouldn’t be a consideration. Your baby is going to look super cute! That’s enough. There are more important qualities to consider when selecting a name that lasts, such as versatility and durability.

3. Remember you’re naming an adult.  People are children for a very small portion of their lives. Since we live most of our lives as adults, always think in terms of naming a thirty-something.

4. Ask yourself: Will my child love it? You should always remind yourself that you are choosing this name for someone else. And unlike last year’s holiday sweater, they will wear this gift forever!

Did your name “age” well? Tell us in the comments below!