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Love a name but not its shorter forms? Here are some tips for those who don’t care to play the nickname game:

1. Lead by example. Always refer to your child by the name you want others to call him. People will follow your lead.

2. Don’t get angry. For many people, it’s intuitive to shorten a name. Lots of people consider nicknames special—the intent isn’t to undermine your plans.

3. Gently correct. A polite correction goes a long way and people will remember it. If William is referred to as Billy, a simple “We prefer William” will work wonders!

4. Exclude certain style names from your list. If you want to avoid nicknames at all costs, longer names shouldn’t be considered. Neither should family names, especially if there are living family members sharing that name.  For example, two Roberts will more than likely lead to one being called Bob, Rob or Robbie to avoid confusion.

 Do you have any nicknames? Tell us in the comments below!