baby in a pumpkin


It’s HALLOWEEN! So in honor of costumes, candy and frighteningly fun times, we’ve scared up some spook-tacular baby names for your little BOO!

Don’t shy away from the obvious–people love jack-o’-lanterns for good reason! They’re fun to make (wink), totally festive and they almost always have smiles on their faces!

Celebrate Halloween all year long with a sweet baby Treat! (‘Cause who doesn’t deserve a Treat after nine months of pregnancy?)

Michael & Jason
Horror movie fans, rejoice! These names–stolen straight from classic slasher films–make scary-good baby names.

Name your baby boy after Halloween icon Doctor Frankenstein, and watch the A-pluses in high school bio start rolling in!

Tabitha, Samantha, Wendy, Glinda & Sabrina
Witches always seem to have super(naturally) cool names. So, name your little girl after one of these witchy women and she’ll be conjuring up cool points in no time.

Candy & Apple
Nothing says Halloween like candy apples–or just candy and apples, for that matter! There’s no denying these two will be little sweeties.

Want to pay homage to your favorite holiday without naming your daughter “Halloween”? Call her Eve … like the All Hallows kind!

Got a brilliant baby name idea for this list? Add it to the comments below!