green babyCelebrate St. Patrick’s Day by peeping at baby names through green-colored glasses! Check out the hippest green baby names we could find. (And they’re all better than calling your kid Leprechaun Smith, we promise!)

Not only is it perfect for spring (helllloooo, spring flowers!), but it’s totally on trend –”retro” names like Bud and Buddy are springing up all over the place!

She’s bound to be a fortunate little girl with a lucky name like Clover!

Basil & Rosemary
Can you say, “future chefs”?

It doesn’t get any greener– or any fresher!–than Leif!

How’s that old Irish saying go? “May you always have an emerald on your finger and a baby Emerald in your arms!”

Why beat around the bush? (Plus, the last-names-as-first-names trend is HOT!)

Works as well as a classic baby girl’s name as it does in your favorite classic martini!

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