fox cast of gleeCalling all Gleeks! Your favorite show is helping shape the face of baby naming! So we paired our very own name nerds with our TV-obsessed “Glee” geeks to uncover which “Glee” names rank tops … and which ones get a big ole slushie in the face! Check ‘em out!

Obnoxious songstress Rachel Berry may not be the most popular member of McKinley High’s glee club, but her name has been popular for ages. The name Rachel–which means “ewe”– is currently the 90th most popular girls’ name in the U.S. and has been consistently popular throughout history.

Our quarterback and choirboy hero has a name as sweet as his face. Finn Hudson’s first name showed up on the SSA’s Top 1,000 list in 2000 and currently hits a high note on the charts at #343.

Head Cheerio Quinn Fabray has had a rocky road as a pregnant teen who was pushed out of the limelight, but as she’s busy climbing her way back up the social ladder, she’s helping the name Quinn gain popularity, too. It recently reached its highest chart placement since its 1960 debut. Watch for this name to keep reaching for the stars … for both girls and boys.

Ahhh, Kurt. The dramatic, fashion-forward Glee-ster we love to love. Turns out Kurt Hummel was fittingly named for “The Sound of Music” character, Kurt Von Trapp–and it’s not surprising that the name hit its popularity height in the mid-1960s, right around the movie’s release. The “K” spelling—Kurt–is slightly less popular than the “C” spelling–Curt–but who says different is a bad thing?

Self-proclaimed diva Mercedes Jones is dyin’ for a solo, but her name has been in the spotlight since the 1880s. You probably associate the name with the luxury ride, but it’s actually associated with the Virgin Mary–it means “mercies.”

Football player, womanizer and all-around bad boy Noah Puckerman goes by the nickname “Puck” on the show, but it’s his given name that’s a hit on the baby names charts. It was among the top 10 most popular names for boys last year. (And don’t be surprised to see the name “Puck” on a few future birth certificates, too. No lie!)

Lovable airhead Brittany Pierce is famous for her wacky one-liners, while her name’s fame reached its peak during the Britney Spears-era. It hit its highest ranking in the early 1990s (third in the U.S.!) and has slowly dropped off the charts since. Maybe the ditzy “Glee” dancer will give the name new life on the charts.

Artie Abrams is easily the hip-hoppin-est nerd on TV and he’s got a nerdy-hip name to match! This old-time name is making a comeback with retro cool parents. And its fierce meaning–”brave as a bear”–makes it a power choice, too!

Here’s some irony for you: Bad girl Cheerio Santana Lopez’s name means “saint-like!” (And we all know, Santana ain’t saint-like!) The name is feminine but has been used in the past for boys as a result of its association with legendary Latino guitarist Carlos Santana.

Goth-geek glee clubber Tina Cohen-Chang’s fashion sense makes a statement, but her name–a short form of names ending in “tina” like Christina–has taken a break from the U.S. Top 1,000 baby names chart since 2006. Could Tina’s spunk and style send the name back into vogue?

Never-say-die glee club advisor Will Schuester may take regular beatings from Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester for being a loser, but his name is a winner no matter how you slice it. William is currently the #5 most popular boys’ name in the U.S., while the stand-alone “Will” ranks in the top 600.

Emma Pillsbury, the earnest McKinley High counselor, has as much quirky, old-time appeal and genuine sweetness as her popular name. Emma was the #1 name in America in 2008 and currently sits safely in second place.

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