Emily has been one of the top 10 most common names for girls since 1991, while this exquisite variant hasn’t charted since 1883.

Rare and handsome, Joah works twofold as an alternate to both Jacob and Noah—two of the most frequently chosen boys’ names in the last 15 years.

Simple, vintage and on-trend, Ada is a lovely “under-the-radar” alternative to the highly popular Ava.

Halle Berry’s son sports this name. It’s a smart stand-in for Mason, the second most common boys’ name in the U.S.

Annabel, Arabella, Amabel, Mirabelle
If Isabelle and Isabella seem a bit played out, one of these more underused choices may be a fresher choice.

Athan, Eamon, Ian, Alden, Auden
These are all refreshing alternatives to Aiden, which would rank as the most popular name for boys  over the past seven years if its myriad spellings were taken into account.

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