little boy eating french friesWho knew–fast food is just as awesome at naming children as it is at taming them! So, in honor of the drive-thru, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite fast-food-inspired baby names! (Would you like fries with that?)

Name your kid Ronald and he’ll join a notable bunch: President Ronald Reagan, astronaut Ronald Evans and, of course, the big clown in red and yellow himself!

Wendy is a seriously adorable name. Period. Bonus cute points to you if you style your little Wendy’s hair in gravity-defying pigtails!

Give him a kingly name like Arby (it means “high”!) and he’s bound to sit atop a throne one day. (It’ll probably be a throne made of roast beef sandwiches. But that sounds pretty awesome to us!)

Give little Arby a queenly sister to sit on a throne made of ice cream and sprinkles. They’ll be rulers of your house and the entire fast-food universe.

Carl & Junior
How can you go wrong with these two? Kim Kardashian loves them; Paris Hilton loves them; Audrina Patridge loves them. Need we say more?

Jack is a totally trend-defying name when a completely diet-defying restaurant inspires it. And we’re pretty sure naming your kid after this fast-food chain doesn’t guarantee he’ll end up with a giant Ping-Pong ball of a head.

Ahhh. Comfort yourself with the soothing sounds of a singing Robin. Or with some of french fries! Yummm, indeed.

This one’s a classic. Just be sure to monitor the number of hot dogs he eats at barbecues–unless, of course, you want him to be the 2035 Hot Dog Eating Contest champ!

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