The farmers’ market is the best place to go for organic veggies… and baby name inspiration! Here’s a bushel of fresh names, ripe for the pickin’!

This green leafy is rich in beta carotene, while your little sprout is rich in…well, spit-up and dirty dipes. If Kale eads too green for your tastes, try Cale, borne by legendary NASCAR racer Cale Yarborough.

Instead of sounding fruity, this choice is rich with vintage appeal.

Rosemary & Basil
Show your love for Italian cuisine (pesto, anyone?) and names rooted in Latin with this zesty pair. These ‘50s faves are right in step with current trends.

Barry is ripe for a comeback. Few other names are versatile enough to suggest everything from disco fueled nightlife (a la Barry Gibb) to a seat in the Oval Office (U.S. President, Barack “Barry” Obama).

Everyone’s favorite salad staple is now a popular baby name. Green, yellow or red, this name is HOT.

Honey’s sweet retro flair is perfect for a girl with a heart of gold.

George & Georgia
Did you know that the classic name George means “farmer”? Green thumb aside, we expect lots of similarly named tots due to the birth of Prince Will & Lady Kate’s babe:  George Alexander Louis.

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