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Forget about “once upon a time”—these baby names from fairy tales are happening now!

Which is the most popular fairy tale name in all the land? Beauty and the Beast’s Belle wears the crown!

The classic tale of St. George and the dragon has made the name a popular choice since the 11th century, but the arrival of Will & Kate’s Prince George made people fall in love all over again.

Character Mary Margaret Blanchard (whose name means ‘pure pearl white’) brings Snow White to modern day on ABC series Once Upon A Time. The show’s popularity has given a boost to all wintery names!

Be it a Jolie-Pitt twin or the ‘Lady of the Lake’ of Arthurian legend, a babe named Vivienne will live happily ever after.

Briar Rose
Offbeat nature names are hot picks, so why not Briar Rose? It’s Sleeping Beauty’s name in the original tale by The Brothers Grimm.

C.S. Lewis used it for the name of the heroic prince in his Chronicles of Narnia series—as did actress Neve Campbell for her baby boy in 2012.

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