mother and baby 1950sHey, all you Mommy-and-Daddy-o’s! Unless you’re a total square, you know that retro baby names are hip and happenin’ right now! So we’ve rounded up some of the most far out, fab and funky baby names inspired by the 1950s! Right on!

Elvis, Connie, Jerry, Etta
Rock ‘n’ roll–and teen idols–broke on to the scene in the mid-’50s, along with outta-sight names like Elvis, Jerry (Lee Lewis), Etta (James) and Connie (Francis). Let’s just hope the resurgence of hip names like this will curtail the onslaught of a bunch of babies named Bieber.

Dick & Jane
Sure, today’s kids are down with Dora and Diego, but back in the ’50s, Dick and Jane were the coolest cats around!

Ward, June & Wally
TV’s favorite ’50s family (That’s the Leave It to Beaver crew, for the youngsters in the house) was full of fab baby names. Of course, you’ve got to be careful here–”Beaver” doesn’t have quite the same name appeal today that it had back then.

Bud, Buddy, Buster
The “nicknames as first names” trend is as hip as it gets.

Charlie, Sally, Linus, Patty, Marcie, Lucy, Violet
Names from the classic Peanuts comics are still topping the U.S. baby name charts! Heck, even Snoop D-O-Double-G is rockin’ a name from the Peanuts gang. (We’d recommend shying away from calling your kid “Pigpen” or “the Little Red-Headed Girl,” though.)

Richie, Arthur, Joanie, Ralph
Pay homage to the Happy Days crew with one of these super-keen names! And if your kiddo is particularly cool, consider referring to him as the Fonz.

Want more primo 1950s baby names? Dig these nifty names that topped the charts in the 1950s: Brenda, Margaret, Diane, Pamela, Janet, Shirley, Carolyn, Ronald, Joseph, Donald, Kenneth, Steven, Dennis, Paul.

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