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Since 1963, Doctor Who has been one of sci-fi’s most beloved television franchises. Here are some timely names sure to please Whovians everywhere!

David Tennant has been voted viewers’ favorite Doctor and his surname makes a fresh, interesting choice for fans.

This popular unisex name is trending toward the blue, thanks to character Rory Williams, companion of the Eleventh Doctor.

The darkest and most manipulative of the Doctors, Sylvester is due for some action. Plus, there’s no cooler nickname than Sly.

No need to hop aboard the TARDIS to appreciate this  lovely vintage choice!

The ordinary girl with the extraordinary heart, Rose Tyler has been repeatedly deemed the Doctor’s “best companion.” The character has helped give the dainty name some edge.

Tegan & Jovanka
The show’s producer considered both of these exotic choices for the spunky Australian character, but a writer mistakenly put them in the script as first and last names.

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