Cheese: Superb on a cracker, horrible on a birth certificate! According to Babycenter.com, nine babies were named in homage of fromage this year, up from a mere two in 2012. Babycenter’s data comes from a survey of about 500,000 U.S. parents who are users of their site and have had babies in the past year.

While many of the results weren’t very surprising (faves Jackson and Sophia came out on top), others left us feeling the need to share what should be some obvious advice:

1. Leave the food in the fridge. Babies named Cheese, apparently, do not stand alone: Babycenter reports 13 babes named Sushi; ten named Twinkies; six named Potato; six named Pickle, and six named Lox (yet only three baby Bagels since 2010). None of these are appropriate, however, and should go on your grocery list, not your baby names list.

2. Watch the use of adjectives. Having a name that is a descriptive term gives people an immediate idea of how your child will act. The nine babies named Meek and three named Fake are going to have a hard time being assertive or  taken seriously. And, although 11 of them were born this year, the name Squishy will never, ever, be okay.

3. Assume your love for technology is already known. We can already see that you’re texting the day away while being glued to your tablet, and that’s enough. This year, 13 babies were bestowed the name Kindle, while Android and Phone were given to three children each.  Six stated the obvious in net-lingo by naming their newborns Newbie.

4. If you can’t think of anything, ask a friend.  If you find yourself hard-pressed for a name idea, ask around. Don’t be shy. The three children named Bro and the six named Kiddo and Dude will probably wish their parents had spoken up, or elected to pass a hat around the hospital waiting room.

Have any great advice to add? Tell us in the comments below!