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Also important is whether or not your child’s first name fits his or her last name. With a long last name, a short first name is easier to pronounce. James Witherspoon sounds better than Jeremiah Witherspoon. And Stephanie Ada is more pleasant to the ear than Eve Ada. There are definitely exceptions to this rule, though. There’s nothing wrong with Brad Pitt!

The combination of the first and last name is important, too. Beware of both names flowing together into one. The first and last name have to sound good together also. That’s the case, for instance, with Dwight David Eisenhower or Molly Melinda Grooms. If both names have the same length a second name might be an idea: Al Anthony Cleveland or Anne Marie Pons. But why change Mark Twain or Charles Rath?

Think twice (or more) if you want to name your little girl ‘Ann’ and your last name is ‘Teak’. Or if you’re the Potters and you’d love to call your baby boy ‘Harry’.

Our Advice: Be careful that the first name compliments the surname. Usually a short first name goes well with a long last name and vice versa. However this doesn’t always apply! Don’t let the first and last name run together (because the last letter of the first name and the first letter of the last name are the same; or because they’re both vowels). Take care to determine the combination of the first and last name isn’t fodder for teasing.