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Finding one perfect name for your baby is a huge challenge, let alone finding two. Here are some tips on choosing the right middle name:

1. Consider a popular name. You love Sophia, but  it’s incredibly popular right now and you don’t want your kid to be one of many. No worries: Put it in the middle! It’s the sweet spot for making common names like Jennifer and Isabella, Brandon and Noah sound fresh.

2. Go with the flow. No matter which names you’re considering, the combination’s rhythm and flow is key. Say the whole name out loud — over and over – to make sure it sounds good.

3. Consider initials. It’s important to make sure that initials don’t spell anything offensive. By the same token, initials that have good rhythm, like C.J. or K.T.,  can be awesome nicknames for your kid to go by!

4. Use it to clarify. It’s entirely possible your kid will use their middle name, so make it a boon to them! If you’ve chosen a unisex first name, pair it with more distinctly gendered choice to give your child options. Or instead of confusing things with a “Junior,” use a different middle name to distinguish son from father.

What is your middle name? Do you like it? Tell us in the comments below!