mother holding baby up


We miss the sun! Which is why we’re SO glad Daylight Savings Time is just around the corner. While we wait impatiently for Mr. Sun’s return, check out these warm, sunny, totally celestial baby names in the meantime. And don’t forget to spring forward with your clocks on March 13th!

Aurora actually means “dawn”… in other words, the time our kids will be getting us up every morning after we change the clocks!

Soleil, Sunny, Sunshine, Sol
No matter how you slice it, these sun-inspired names are always bright and cheery. Looking for something sunshiny, but slightly different? Try Eloise, Cyrus, Marisol or Samson, which also have sunny meanings!

The sun’s alter ego, Luna, which means “moon,” is a really popular choice for baby girls this year.

Draco & Electra
If you can get past the Harry Potter association, there’s no denying the techno-coolness of these star-specific names.

A sweetie with a name like this can’t help but be a star, ’cause that’s exactly what Stella means!

Go ahead, name your little dude after a constellation! He’s bound to be strapping as the hunter himself. (Plus, there’s a cool Prince song you can sing as his lullaby!)

Our late 80s obsession with the movie “Say Anything” has left us with a soft spot for the name Skye (as in Ione Skye!) and unreasonable impulses to hold a boom box over our head and blast Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.” Sue us.

Yup, it’s really a name. And it was totally popular from 1941 to 1950. You know, if you’re into that whole retro thang!

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