little girl in toy car


When it comes to our animated characters, Cars 2 has some of the cutest, most charismatic casts around … with lovable names to match! (Tow Mater kills us every time.) But when it comes to actual baby name inspiration, there’s little chance you’ll be calling your kid Lightning McQueen (at least until he’s 4 and insists on it). So we’re giving the green light to this list of awesome, auto-inspired baby names.

A name this beautiful is sure to turn heads, but watch out: In addition to being high-maintenance, she might just be a mean girl when it comes to BMWs!

Although the Ranger is small when it comes to trucks, your son will seem anything but when he enters a room. Expect him to dig fun and adventurous things, like hiking up mountains or splashing in the mud. And stock up on detergent!

The sleek and sporty car may first come to mind when folks meet your little cutie pie. And if she’s anything like her namesake, you may have a track star on your hands!

It’s hard to tell if Lexus’ new slogan describes their latest fancy car or your darling daughter to-be: “Unrestrained. Unexpected. And unlike any hybrid you have ever known.” Definitely your daughter. Good luck!

Forget that scumbag Bentley Williams on The Bachelorette: Season 7. It’s time to bring the charm back to this worthy name. No doubt your Bentley, like the handcrafted ride, will be exquisitely suave and handsome enough to do it.

Bring back the far-out fun of the ’70s by naming your Dancing Queen after the little sedan that’s seen more than its fair share of ABBA, the Eagles, Stevie Wonder and the Bee Gees.

Honor our top-hat-wearing 16th president by choosing this name for your little Navigator. Just be sure to clear lots of space on the playroom shelves for what will surely be his most frequently received birthday gift–you guessed it–Lincoln Logs!

When your little Jetta arrives on the scene, people will wonder why they didn’t pick Volkswagen’s cheerful and energetic name for their bundle of pink. You’ll be a Fahrvergnügen trendsetter!

Perhaps the cutest name for a line of vehicles, Kia also offers many choices for middle ones, too, such as Soul, Rio, Optima, Sedona and Sorento. Another plus? She’ll probably be able to spell her name when she is 2!

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