baby eating a lollipopSatisfy your sweet tooth with these delicious baby names stolen straight from the candy aisle!

Calling a baby Ruth is a win-win for candy-bar lovers and vintage-name freaks alike.

Use this supercool short form of Laura or Lauren for a ’50s-esque name that really pops!

It may be synonymous with cream-filled chocolate eggs, but Cadbury is the cream of the crop for today’s hipster parents!

Reese has a cool, androgynous feel and shares a name with the greatest thing to ever happen to chocolate and peanut butter.

The perfect name for a little girl whose parents value world peace…or are just total chocolate junkies.

Kit & Kat
Break off a pair of sweet names for your candy-coated kids!

In the U.S., we know the saltwater variety, but in the U.K., Taffy’s the equivalent of Davy or Dave!

Chew on this ultra-sophisticated boys’ name for a cool alternative to the classic Charles.

Mike & Ike
What could be sweeter than a pair of brothers named after a delicious jellied candy goodness?

This diminutive form of Dorothy is short and sweet, and so much cooler than calling your kid Jujube.

Almond & Joy
We’re (coco)nuts for this set of sisters straight outta the romantic Victorian period!

Chocolate lovers and Pennsylvanians, rejoice! Hershey is an underused gem that certainly melts in your mouth.

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