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Bruce Willis has welcomed his fifth daughter! Evelyn Penn, born May 5th, is the second child for Willis and his wife, model Emma Heming. Evelyn joins their older daughter, Mabel Ray, 2, and half-sisters Tallulah, 20, Scout, 22, and Rumer, 25, from Willis’s previous relationship with Demi Moore.

WHAT IT MEANS:  Its meaning seems to have been lost over time, but possibly “desired” or “pleasant.”

WHERE IT ORIGINATED: An English variant of the Norman French Aveline, which is derived from the medieval Germanic Avelina, Evelyn came into use in the 17th century.

POTENTIAL NICKNAMES: Eve, Evie and Lyn make good choices.

KNOW THIS: Evelyn, in origin and historical context, is a masculine name but became more frequently used for girls during the 19th century. It is currently the 26th most popular girls’ name in the U.S.

POP CULTURE CONNECTION:  Novelist Evelyn Waugh is a famous male bearer of the name.

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