baby wearing orange sunglassesChoosing a name from the legendary 1980s Brat Pack doesn’t mean your child will grow up to be a brat, but we aren’t making any promises (we’re looking at you, Charlie Sheen)! We’re paying homage to the movies that made us laugh, cry, laugh again and develop a serious eighth-grade crush on Jake Ryan. Sigh.

If your pretty-in-pink daughter is anything like her totally angsty namesake Molly Ringwald, you’ll be wishing an all-day Breakfast Club style detention on her!

Anthony Michael
Anthony Michael Hall will forever be that quirky bookworm who all the popular girls had a crush on but never admitted it, making this a perfect little name for your sure-to-be crush-able kid.

Judd Nelson. It just sounds like the bad boy who rocked an ultra-tough leather jacket and cavernous nostrils in The Breakfast Club. Or the ambitious yuppie in St. Elmo’s Fire. Hey, the name Judd knows no social boundaries.

Ally Sheedy may have played a seedy and misunderstood pseudo-goth in The Breakfast Club, but she did manage to land Emilio Estevez, so she’s totally got that going for her. Here’s hoping your Ally will be just as lucky in love–and way less dark and gloomy …

Do yourself a favor and call your kid Blane. A Blane (like Blane McDonnagh of Pretty in Pink) is the kind of guy who’s so handsome and sensitive all the girls end up wishing they had gone to prom with him … rather than their third cousin, Jeff.

Need a good reason to pick the name Emilio for your son? We’ve got a few. Let’s discuss Emilio Estevez’s uber-hot, Brat Pack characters for a moment, shall we? Remember Andrew, the sexy, sensitive jock in The Breakfast Club; hardworking Kirby in St. Elmo’s Fire; Otto Maddox in Repo Man. Which brings us to our next point: Hey, Charlie Sheen … who’s “WINNING!” now? HUH?!

Naming your sweet little baby after an accomplished leading lady like Demi Moore can only work in your child’s favor. Just try to keep her away from those plastic surgeons and crazy-ass Ashton Kutcher-types.

OK, sure your Elmo will swear he was named after his favorite red, furry resident of Sesame Street, but only until he’s about 4-and-a-half. Then he’ll be ready for the true story, that you named him after St. Elmo’s Fire, the ultimate Brat Pack movie. He’ll learn to love Rob Lowe as much as the original Elmo. Promise.

John & Hugh
If you really care a bit too much about ’80s cinema, honor movies like Pretty in Pink, Weird Science, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and National Lampoon’s Vacation by naming your kids after filmmaker John Hughes. You’ll thank us when the kids have a cult following. Or maybe not. It depends on the cult, really.

So, Charlie Sheen isn’t a full-fledged, card-carrying member of the Brat Pack, but if you really like “WINNING,” tiger blood and all that crazy business, dub your kiddo Charlie. We doubt you have high hopes of your son absolutely humiliating your family, so the pressure is on your kid to bring back some respect to good ol’ Chuck.

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